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Medical Malpractice Cases Leading to Paralysis

Paralysis after medical treatment or care can leave an individual, young or old, partially or totally dependent on care from a loved one and medical professionals for the rest of their lives. A person's life is instantly altered and the quality of life significantly diminished. At the Office of Randall E. Reinhardt, I will give you my personal time and attention.

I will help you get answers about what occurred in your medical treatment that resulted in paralysis, whether surgery, in the administration of medications or in a birth injury case. There are many questions following such a tragedy, and I can evaluate what error took place while under medical care that led to the condition of paralysis. As a Milwaukee medical malpractice lawyer and Certified Civil Trial Advocate, and I am prepared to seek just compensation for you or your loved one.

How much can I recover for a paralysis case?

Paralysis is a loss of nerve function or muscle power, to a limb, or several limbs. When nerve cells in the brain or other parts of the body are damaged by injury, the body parts controlled by those nerve or brain cells cannot be controlled, and there are many long term consequences, both personally and in the ability to maintain a condition of good health.

If you or a loved one is facing the physical, emotional and financial consequences of paralysis, you maybe be entitled to compensation for present and future medical costs, pain and suffering, and many other damages. Recovering the maximum in financial compensation after an act of medical negligence is extremely important; the injured victim deserves the best possible care and treatment, both now and into the future. As a Certified Civil Trial Advocate and Milwaukee paralysis attorney, I will stand with you in seeking justice.

What causes paralysis?

Paralysis can be caused by trauma to the spinal cord or nervous system, stroke, or medications that when improperly administered, interfere with the nervous system. These nerve centers give the person the ability to control the body, and if the spinal cord is damaged, partial or full lack of feeling may occur. Paralysis, whether of a limb or in paraplegia or quadriplegia, can be the result of a surgical error or other form of medical malpractice. Get a case evaluation from a professional who is familiar with cases of medical malpractice and has achieved positive outcomes in difficult cases in the past.

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