Case Results

At the Law Office of Randall E. Reinhardt, I stand ready to provide outstanding representation to clients who have been injured in a serious accident. The representation you receive from my firm can help you obtain the compensation that you deserve. I have been able to obtain millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for my clients and I may be able to the do the same for you.

Read through my case results to see how working retaining me as your Milwaukee personal injury attorney can greatly benefit your case. If you are ready to move forward with filing a personal injury claim, do not hesitate to contact my firm today by completing a free case evaluation form now!

Below is a partial listing of results.

$7,000,000 Recovery

Negligent prenatal care resulting in intracranial hemorrhage and brain damage.

$3,200,000 Recovery

Obstetrical negligence resulting in a delay in delivery and neurological impairment.

$2,700,000 Recovery

Failure to make a timely diagnosis of bacterial meningitis in a child.

$2,000,000 Recovery

Wrongful death of a child and negligent infliction of emotional distress upon the parents (bus accident).

$1,800,000 Recovery

Structured settlement for obstetrical negligence in the delivery of a child, resulting in shoulder, arm, and hand injuries.

$1,500,000 Recovery

Failure to diagnose aortic dissection, wrongful death.

$1,400,000 Recovery

Negligence of obstetrician in delivery of a child resulting in shoulder, arm, and hand injuries.

$ 950,000 Recovery

Failure to identify excessive anticoagulation, resulting in a hematoma and neurological impairment.

$ 650,000 Recovery

Delay in timely diagnosis of breast cancer.

$ 650,000 Recovery

Hepatitis A infection resulting from contaminated sandwiches via employee of sub shop (multiple clients).

$ 575,000 Recovery

Automobile accident resulting in neck and back surgeries.

$ 450,000 Recovery

Negligent delay in the diagnosis of breast cancer.

$ 450,000 Recovery

Negligent supervision of psychiatric patient, suicide.

$ 405,000 Recovery

Bicycle/truck accident, where an Olympic bicyclist was struck by a cement truck during a national championship; broken leg and nerve injuries.

$ 375,000 Recovery

Insurance bad faith for failure to tender $15,000 policy limits in auto case.

$ 350,000 Recovery

Ambulance / auto accident resulting in significant knee injury.

$ 300,000 Recovery

Underinsured motorist policy limits settlement for wrongful death.

$ 300,000 Recovery

Negligent design of leg guard on motorcycle, resulting in significant leg injury.

$ 275,000 Recovery

Negligence in gynecologic surgery, loss of kidney.

$ 270,000 Recovery

Negligence in coating of pacemaker, open-heart surgery.

$ 200,000 Recovery

Including punitive damages, for bad faith failure to pay $25,000 auto policy limits.

$ 150,000 Recovery

Negligent delay in diagnosis of colon cancer resulting in more extensive treatment.

$ 150,000 Recovery

Negligent delay in diagnosis of malignant melanoma, resulting in more extensive surgery.

Confidential Recovery

Anesthesiologist negligent in postoperative supervision (confidential settlement).

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Disclaimer: You should note that while all of the above are actual results for actual clients, each case is different, and the value of your case may be significantly different depending upon the facts, the extent of the injury, and the strength of the case. With respect to those results that reflect a recovery for wrongful death, you should be aware of the fact that throughout the time that I have been in practice, there have been limits on the amount recoverable for loss of society and companionship in wrongful death. Those limits have gradually gone up from $50,000 to the current level of $350,000 for adults and $500,000 for children. Those limits can result in severely diminishing the amount recovered in the event of a wrongful death.